Welcome to Sacred Forest Publishing.

We’re a new company in an established industry. Sacred Forest was created to support Indie authors who want to break free from the confines of Traditional publishing. We hope to become a leading and reliable resource for any budding Indie author.

Our chosen symbol is the representation of the Celtic Tree of Life. This symbolizes our belief that everything comes full circle. No matter how successful the authors at the top of the tree have become they are sustained by the authors starting out and enriching the soil at the roots. The authors who are at the roots and hoping to break the surface and climb upward, they are guided  from the top of the tree by the more experienced authors parting the branches and making a path for them to reach skyward. This is the philosophy that we strive to maintain in all our day to day business.

If you are interested in becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME) or would like to become a mentor, you can contact us using our Contact Form.

A single tree can  survive on it’s own, but does better in a forest.