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Newly Released- My Commander

Here at Sacred Forest Publishing we’re happy to announce that Alanea Alder’s My Commander, Book 1 in the Bewitched and Bewildered series is now available on Amazon, Nook and iTunes.

This wildly popular book has already accumulated over 60 ★★★★★ Reviews on Amazon, purchase your copy today and see what has our readers laughing out loud.


★★★★★ “This book was awesome, another great start to a new series. Can’t wait for more!!!!! Loved, loved, loved, it!!!!! Can’t say enough great things about this author!!!!! You can’t go wrong purchasing any of her books! !!!!!!” Amy Selby

★★★★★ “I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this book. Alanea has a wonderful way of making her characters come to life and you come to love them. Her world building is clever and you get the sense this place may actually exist somewhere out there. Aiden is typical Alpha male, strong, hunky, great with battle strategy and leading his men and oh so clueless about women. Meryn is such a surprise. She is shy at first but when she realizes she is accepted starts to come out of her shell and you realize what a quirky, smart and funny person she is. Together they make a wonderful couple. I laughed so hard in some spots that I couldn’t see my screen. Just an all around funny, hot and clever read. I really recommend it.” Elizabeth Buckner

★★★★★ “Alanea Alder is beyond brilliant! Her imagination and creativity has no boundaries. (thank goodness for us readers!) To create an entire new world, that has shifters, vampires, witches and fey, that is unlike anything anyone has ever read about is amazing in today’s world with so many paranormal books out there. Ms. Alder’s characters, (shifters/vampires/witches and fey) also are refreshingly different. I LOVE this! AND….these yummy males are smoking hot, strong alphas that have a tender side but with a sense of humor that you will adore! And the females…oh boy…get ready for a snarky, no brain to mouth filter, independent heroine that brings her mate to his knees one second with her tender words, or he could have been on his knees from when she walloped him! lol I can’t WAIT for book 2 and hope that there’s 200 more! I absolutely loved everything about MY COMMANDER and will be waiting ‘impatiently’ for the next book! Look for Alanea Alder to be on the NY Times and/or USA Best Seller Lists SOON!” Tammy Faris

Upcoming Releases

My Protector– Alanea Alder has somehow managed to exceed the high expectations set by her hugely successful foray into Paranormal Romance with My Commander. In My Protector she returns her readers to the rich new world of Lycaonia. She has stayed true to her writing style in that previous characters play a prominent role in current and future novels. Reader will be happy to know that their beloved Meryn is still causing trouble, but now has Elizabeth Monroe fielding the role of big sister, taking Meryn under her wing to navigate the murky paranormal political waters.

Instead of a burly bear shifting commander, we have Gavriel. The air of mystery grows around him as he gets ever closer to the apex of his transition. There are plenty of hot scenes to have even the most die hard romance reader reaching for more.

Per usual, Ms.Alder pulls you and doesn’t let you go. This novel starts off with a bang and keeps going. If you like My Commander, you will love My Protector.


Winter’s Chosen– A new Paranormal Urban Fantasy by Alanea AlderMs.Alder spreads her wings and creates an intriguing new world where paranormals are known to humans. Her Guardian series will keep you on the edge of your seat and enthralled until the last page. No one mixes humor, sex and suspense like Alanea Alder. We dare you not to fall in love with her twist on everyone’s favorite paranormals.