My Protector– Alanea Alder has somehow managed to exceed the high expectations set by her hugely successful foray into Paranormal Romance with My Commander. In My Protector she returns her readers to the rich new world of Lycaonia. She has stayed true to her writing style in that previous characters play a prominent role in current and future novels. Reader will be happy to know that their beloved Meryn is still causing trouble, but now has Elizabeth Monroe fielding the role of big sister, taking Meryn under her wing to navigate the murky paranormal political waters.

Instead of a burly bear shifting commander, we have Gavriel. The air of mystery grows around him as he gets ever closer to the apex of his transition. There are plenty of hot scenes to have even the most die hard romance reader reaching for more.

Per usual, Ms.Alder pulls you and doesn’t let you go. This novel starts off with a bang and keeps going. If you like My Commander, you will love My Protector.


Winter’s Chosen– A new Paranormal Urban Fantasy by Alanea AlderMs.Alder spreads her wings and creates an intriguing new world where paranormals are known to humans. Her Guardian series will keep you on the edge of your seat and enthralled until the last page. No one mixes humor, sex and suspense like Alanea Alder. We dare you not to fall in love with her twist on everyone’s favorite paranormals.